Jesus Christ of Nazareth fulfilled over 300 Prophecies that were written hundreds and even thousands of years before his birth.

Through history, God provided a roadmap:

foretold were various signs and conditions through His prophets. These prophets spoke of things that mankind should watch for so that the Messiah would be recognized and believed. These signs or prophecies were given to us in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament is the part of the Bible written before Jesus was born. Its writings were completed in 450 B.C. The Old Testament, written hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth, contains over 300 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled through His life, death and resurrection. Mathematically speaking, the odds of anyone fulfilling this amount of prophecy are staggering.

Mathematicians put it this way: 1 person fulfilling 8 prophecies: 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000

After examining only eight different prophecies, they conservatively estimated that the chance of one man fulfilling all eight prophecies was one in 10^17. To illustrate how large the number 10^17 IS (a figure with 17 zeros), imagine this illustration :

1 person fulfilling 48 prophecies: 1 chance in 10 to the 157th power

1 person fulfilling 300+ prophecies: Only Jesus!

Josh in McDowell in trying to Disprove Jesus – became a Christian !

Josh on the Resurrection:

70 Prophecies:

Fulfilled ProphecyTanakh/Hebrew ScriptureNew Testament
His pre-existenceMicah 5:2John 1:1, 14
Born of the seed of a womanGenesis 3:15Matthew 1:18
Of the seed of AbrahamGenesis 12:3Matthew 1:1-16
All nations blessed by Abraham’s seedGenesis 12:3Matthew 8:5, 10
God would provide Himself a Lamb as an offeringGenesis 22:8John 1:29
From the tribe of JudahGenesis 49:10Matthew 1:1-3
Heir to the throne of DavidIsaiah 9:6-7Matthew 1:1
Called “The mighty God, The everlasting Father”Isaiah 9:6Matthew 1:23
Born in BethlehemMicah 5:2Matthew 2:1
Born of a virginIsaiah 7:14Matthew 1:18
His name called Immanuel, “God with us”Isaiah 7:14Matthew 1:23
Declared to be the Son of GodPsalm 2:7Matthew 3:17
His messenger before Him in spirit of ElijahMalachi 4:5-6Luke 1:17
Preceded by a messenger to prepare His wayMalachi 3:1Matthew 11:7-11
Messenger crying “Prepare ye the way of the Lord”Isaiah 40:3Matthew 3:3
Would be a Prophet of the children of IsraelDeuteronomy 18:15Matthew 2:15
Called out of EgyptHosea 11:1Matthew 2:15
Slaughter of the childrenJeremiah 31:15Matthew2:18
Would be a NazareneJudges 13:5; Amos 2:11;
Lam. 4:7
Matthew 2:23
Brought light to Zabulon & Nephthalm, Galilee of the GentilesIsaiah 9:1-2Matthew 4:15
Presented with giftsPsalm 72:10Matthew 2:1, 11
Rejected by His ownIsaiah 53:3Matthew 21:42; Mark 8:31, 12:10; Luke 9:22, 17:25
He is the stone which the builders rejected which became the headstonePsalm 118:22-23; Isaiah 28:16Matthew 21:42; I Peter 2:7
A stone of stumbling to IsraelIsaiah 8:14-15I Peter 2:8
He entered Jerusalem as a king
riding on an ass
Zechariah 9:9Matthew 21:5
Betrayed by a friendPsalms 41:9John 13:21
Sold for 30 pieces of silverZechariah 11:12Matthew 26:15; Luke 22:5
The 30 pieces of silver given for the potter’s fieldZechariah 11:12Matthew 27:9-10
The 30 pieces of silver thrown in the templeZechariah 11:13Matthew 27:5
Forsaken by His disciplesZechariah 13:7Matthew 26:56
Accused by false witnessesPsalm 35:11Matthew 26:60
Silent to accusationsIsaiah 53:7Matthew 27:14
Heal blind/deaf/lame/dumbIsaiah 35:5-6; Isaiah 29:18Matthew 11:5
Preached to the poor/brokenhearted/captivesIsaiah 61:1Matthew 11:5
Came to bring a sword, not peaceMicah 7:6Matthew 10:34-35
He bore our sicknessIsaiah 53:4Matthew 8:16-17
Spat upon, smitten and scourgedIsaiah 50:6, 53:5Matthew 27:26, 30
Smitten on the cheekMicah 5:1Matthew 27:30
Hated without a causePsalm 35:19Matthew 27:23
The sacrificial lambIsaiah 53:5John 1:29
Given for a covenantIsaiah 42:6; Jeremiah 31:31-34Romans 11:27/Galatians 3:17, 4:24/Hebrews 8:6, 8, 10; 10:16, 29; 12:24; 13:20
Would not strive or cryIsaiah 42:2-3Mark 7:36
People would hear not and see notIsaiah 6:9-10Matthew 13:14-15
People trust in traditions of menIsaiah 29:13Matthew 15:9
People give God lip serviceIsaiah 29:13Matthew 15:8
God delights in HimIsaiah 42:1Matthew 3:17, 17:5
Wounded for our sinsIsaiah 53:5John 6:51
He bore the sins of manyIsaiah 53:10-12Mark 10:45
Messiah not killed for HimselfDaniel 9:26Matthew 20:28
Gentiles flock to HimIsaiah 55:5, 60:3, 65:1; Malachi 1:11;
II Samuel 22:44-45; Psalm 2:7-8
Matthew 8:10
Crucified with criminalsIsaiah 53:12Matthew 27:35
His body was piercedZechariah 12:10; Ps. 22:16John 20:25, 27
Thirsty during executionPsalm 22:16John 19:28
Given vinegar and gall for thirstPsalm 69:21Matthew 27:34
Soldiers gambled for his garmentPsalm 22:18Matthew 27:35
People mocked, “He trusted in God, let Him deliver him!”Psalm 22:7-8Matthew 27:43
People sat there looking at HimPsalm 22:17Matthew 27:36
Cried, “My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?”Psalm 22:1Matthew 27:46
Darkness over the landAmos 8:9Matthew 27:45
No bones brokenPsalm 34:20, Numbers 9:12John 19:33-36
Side piercedZechariah 12:10John 19:34
Buried with the richIsaiah 53:9Matthew 27:57, 60
Resurrected from the deadPsalm 16:10-11; 49:15Mark 16:6
Priest after the order of MelchizedekPsalm 110:4Hebrews 5:5-6; 6:20; 7:15-17
Ascended to right hand of GodPsalm 68:18Luke 24:51
LORD said unto Him, “Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstoolPsalm 110:1Matt 22:44; Mark 12:36;, 16:19; Luke 20:42-43; Acts 2:34-35; Hebrews 1:13
His coming gloryMalachi 3:2-3Luke 3:17